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A Utopian Workplace Proposition. Nature at your Desk…


An Urban Oasis within a Potential Future Waterfront Precinct…


An Inspiring Place to Work. An Innovation Hub within a new CBD…

Potential Waterfront Context

Cross Section – Version 3

21st Century Waterfront. Marina Bay Singapore. Royalty Free Photo Credit : Nitin Mathew via Unsplash

Dublin Dome

Proposal for BioDome Visitor Attraction published in 2017 via

Design Proposals in the form of Creative IP.

Archi Assets

Design Proposals / IP

Round Tower Building

Tall Building Proposal

Design Proposals / IP

Custom House Proposal

Adaptive Reuse Design Proposal

Four Courts Proposal

Adaptive Reuse Proposal 2016

Waterfront Proposal

Office Design Proposal

Sligo Masterplan

Proposal from 2017

Condo Proposal

Luxury Residential Design

'The Tree' Building

Outline Design Proposal


3D Visualization

Dublin Dome

A Potential Urban Oasis